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US Aircraft Introduces the Highly Specialized
   A-67 Dragon Counter-insurgency Aircraft

Maintainability and survivability make small-platform aircraft ideal for irregular warfare


PARIS (June 18, 2007) – US Aircraft Corporation today introduced at the Paris Air Show its new turboprop-powered counter-insurgency aircraft: the A-67 Dragon. The single-engine aircraft provides a cost-effective, fuel-efficient option for situations in which typical jets are ineffective and helicopters are at risk. The all-metal, high-performance A-67 Dragon is geared toward counter-insurgency (COIN), close air support (CAS) and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions.

Scheduled for release in late 2008, the A-67 Dragon provides solutions to the challenges faced by government and military forces when dealing with irregular warfare. It combines survivability and maintainability with unique COIN and CAS capabilities that create a highly versatile and specialized aircraft.

“We are providing an answer,” said Ray Williams, president of US Aircraft Corporation, “to the international challenge of irregular warfare integration platforms. The A-67 Dragon has the agility and strength to provide close-air support and the combat and flight endurance to complete critical missions without the expense, training and maintenance current aircraft require.”

Survivability features of the A-67 Dragon include a lightweight armored cockpit that protects against small arms fire, redundancy of systems, fire protection, and tactics training. For added survivability assurance, the aircraft also offers a whole aircraft ballistic recovery parachute system.



“The A-67 Dragon is the only airplane that I know of built to provide this level of support at this price,” said Retired Brigadier General Charles Jones. “The maintenance man-hour per flying-hour is extraordinarily low. The parts are primarily off-the-shelf, the armor is conformal, and weapons are both internal and external, and easy to remove and replace. It is a most efficient, low-cost aircraft.”

Unlike typical fighter jets, the A-67 Dragon offers low fuel consumption by using, a more fuel- efficient engine and a light durable airframe. Equipped for close air support, the aircraft is capable of detecting and attacking elusive and transient low-contrast insurgents with greater agility than other aircraft. The A-67 Dragon is also ideal for rapid fielding initiatives (RFI) because of its excellent load capabilities and off-runway capability.

US Aircraft Corporation was founded in 2004 by Raymond F. Williams with the collaboration of an advisory team of experienced retired Air Force personnel. Built on a foundation of military experience and credibility, US Aircraft Corporation provides specialized aircraft that meet unique challenges within military markets. It has strategic partnerships with top university and federal researchers within the aerospace industry. US Aircraft Corporation is located in Akron, Ohio.

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